My Workshop at Lean Agile Scrum Zürich

Spotify & Angry Birds
Spotify & Angry Birds

On Friday 06.09.2013 I attended the Lean Agile Scrum conference in Zurich, Switzerland, and did a workshop together with my colleague Josef Scherer (@Coach4Scrum).


The workshop is called:

Disruptive Innovation & fast feedback cycles


We got the biggest room, the auditorium, but we needed to switch because we did an interactive workshop, all work was done in small groups with about 4-5 people each, using an innovation game and two canvasses.

Are you facing the challenge of creating new innovations in your company? Are you struggling to create & formulate new ideas quickly?

  • With an innovation game you can help your team to think out of the box and to use the creativity and know-how of the whole team

Want to know how to use canvases in product management for shaping ideas? Want to get a competitive edge by having a higher learning speed by using short Build-Measure-Learn feedback cycles?

  • We will create innovations with an innovation game and get them from idea to the first UserStory methodically supported by using different canvasses.• Innovation is team work, innovation games are fun and can provide results quickly.
  • Explore the power of canvases for ideation, visualization, focusing, driving decisions and communication.
  •  Learn to use MVP and UserStories to be ready to start developing immediately, while supporting the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.
  •  Learn how to drive a decision (Pivot/Persevere) based on customer feedback and concrete measurements

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Nils Bernert, Agile Coach & LeanStartup enthusiast,
Nils Bernert, Agile Coach & LeanStartup enthusiast,

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