Dragons Den pitching of Non-LeanStartups

My 2 cents:

Classic Startup pitches (Non-LeanStartup) contain a lot of pure guesswork and leave many questions unanswered.


Typical are huge customer segments and target groups, unrealistic (too high) coversion rates and no real idea about go to market (and its costs!)

Beeing at the "Dragons Den" of the Startup Founder 101 Meetup in Munich last week, I saw several people pitching their startup in five minutes. I always wondered:

  • Are these real problems of customers which the startup is solving?
  • Are customers willing to pay (and for what)?
  • Do they know the specific needs of their customer segments?
  • How will they build their solution, if they do not build MVPs and how long will it take?
  • How can they scale effectively?


My thoughts what would help a lot:

  • Using a (Lean) Canvas
  • (In-)Validating assumptions
  • An achieved Problem-Solution-Fit
  • Pivoting (or the option to "Pivot")
  • An idea how to scale


Sadly I missed the "LeanStartup"-startup 99tastes.com from Christian and André of our LeanStartup Munich Meetup group.


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    Josef Scherer (Dienstag, 30 Juli 2013 09:48)

    Nils I fully agree with the content, but not with the order you suggest. A pitch is done for the product idea, As such it contains a lot of assumption about the customer segment, their problems and needs and the solution to this. In my opinion you pitch your product idea to express just this assumption. Describing them with a lean canvas and testing them with customer interviews or any kind of MVP comes as a second and third step after pitching the product idea.

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    Josef Scherer (Dienstag, 30 Juli 2013 09:50)

    ... and then iterate of course - maybe its just a hen and egg problem ;-)

Nils Bernert, Agile Coach & LeanStartup enthusiast, valtech.de
Nils Bernert, Agile Coach & LeanStartup enthusiast, valtech.de

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