LeanStartup without Customer Discovery is the new "LeanStartup-but"

In my opinion a lot of people fail miserably when trying LeanStartup. Even senior Agile Coaches are not immune to this.

That's not really comparable to Scrum-but in Scrum, but is for me me the same naivity to totally miss the point without knowing it. 

I see a lot of people and companies claiming they are doing some kind of LeanStartup experiment to try out a product idea.


What they are usually doing is:

  1. Describe an idea / a solution.
  2. Build a product.
  3. Show it to people.
  4. Iterate (the product), but never pivot.


Well, atleast some show their products to real potential paying customers and not only to their family and friends. 

What wrong with that? They are totally missing the point of validating "Problem" and "Customer" before proposing the solution and obviously even worse before building a product.


No Customer Discovery, no Problem-Solution-Fit


Save to say, there is no entrepreneurs passion when building something when you are not sure if you found a "problem worth solving".


For me, LeanStartup without Customer Discovery is like the new "LeanStart-but".

Some tips to learn more:


Take Steve Blanks online course

Lean Launchpad on Udacity


Join a startup weekend

The real focus here is to learn the methodology and not to build or accelerate a given startup.

e.g. LeanStartup Machine


Start with a Canvas

Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas



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    Josef Scherer (Dienstag, 30 Juli 2013 09:56)

    Hi Nils, again I agree, but don't like the term X-butt. X-butt for me is essentially a term from the old command & control governance times and should be left behind. If it's all about learning, this should also apply to the process. Mistakes should be allowed in process discovery as well and used as a basis for learning. If we use a blaming term like X-butt we miss to set up a save environment for learning.

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Nils Bernert, Agile Coach & LeanStartup enthusiast, valtech.de

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